A. Bryllite platform is an application-specific blockchain for game asset management. The Bryllite platform enables safe and secure means to transfer
A. Bryllite Coin (BRC) is a currency that measures the value of game assets. From the moment you play a game linked to the Bryllite platform, you can earn BRC and use it to buy items, trade, and store assets in game. You can also tranfer money to another game account or wallet within the platform. Once BRC is listed on exchanges, the coin can be traded.

1. Many real game users are already secured.

  • - An alliance of global game companies have signed MOU's to create a subscribe base of 1 billion users.

2. An open market for trading game assets

  • - Gaming assets are returned to the gamers, and trades can be made between different games.

3. Coins are easy to acquire and use

  • - Bryllite Coin (BRC) is available only on games linked with the Bryllite platform. It can be used just like cash and supports the transfer of game assets, the transfer to other games, as well as exchange transactions

4. Reliable and Profitable

  • - The value of BRC is initialy determined by the developer.
    After half-life, exchange rate will increase as issuance volume decreases, service competition increases, or scarcity increases.

5. Offline payment functionality for content

  • - In addition to the payments for in game services, we will provide electronic wallet services for a variety of online/offline contect related to games.
  • - Gamers can trade freely and maximize profits.
  • - Developers can improve the effectiveness of marketing and game activation. Increase sales from the increase in market volume.
    Development costs for Integration is supported.
    Game developers can focus on game content. New game barriers to entry are reduced. Developers will gain a better reputation among users.
  • - Investors can build new business models.
A. In addition to mining through games, you can purchase tokens throught the pre-sale.
You can subscribe with your email at Bryllite.com, and receive relevant information.
Pre-sale will begin on April 16th, participants will be able to purchase after KYC certification. After the Bryllite platform main launch, it can then be exchanged at a 1:1 rate.
A. Pre-sales: April 16th - June 30th
Public sale: July 9th - July 27th
A. A total of 1 billion Bryllite tokens will be issued. Of those, 600 million will be pre-sold.
A. The sales of Bryllite tokens will be used to build a successful platform.
  • - Operation 5%
  • - Marketing Partnership 10%
  • - Strategic Partner 10%
  • - Internal Reserved 15%
  • - Partner Developer support 30%
  • - Business Development 15%
  • - Engineering&Development 15%
A. Citizens of the countries listed below are not permitted to purchase:
  • - U.S., China nationality and citizens.
  • - Nationals and citizens of countries not associated with FATF. (Bosnia, Herzegovina, North Korea (DPRK), Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Vanuatu, Yemen)
A. There is no limit to the maximum purchase amount.
A. Pre-sale requires a minimum purchase of $20,000 USD. The public sale requires a minimum purchase of $1,000 USD.
A. The pre-sale period will accept BTC, ETH, ETC, XRP, ADA, and PLC.
The public sale period will only accept ETH.
A. BRC tokens purchased during the pre-sale will be issued in bulk at the end of the period (June 30th or later). Tokens purchased during the public sale will be issued at the end of the period (July 27th)
A. After the main launch of Bryllite, which is scheduled for the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2019, the Bryllite tokens can then be exchanged into coins.

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